Each year, in December, we rethink our network and our lines to meet our clients satisfaction. Here are the changes from December 14th:


Louis-Hubert - Pougny-Gare
Louis-Hubert - Avusy

New route:
Line L comes back in Bernex. Stops "Vailly", "Bernex-Saule", "Bernex-Eglise" and "Bernex-Mairie" will be served again.
Both lines K and L will have their new terminus at "Louis Hubert" instead of "Stade de Genève".
Benefits: better access to lines 21, 22 & 23. Less traffic issues.
Frequency : 20 min on peak hours.

Download line K schedules 2014-2015       ► Download line L schedules 2014-2015


Carouge - Croisée de Confignon

A better offer for Sezenove and Bernex!
On evenings and week-ends line 42 will serve the entire route from Carouge to Croisée-Confignon. No more intermediary terminus.
Download line 42 schedules from December 14th


Loëx-Hôpital - Bellins

From December 14th, line 43 will be extended and will have its terminus at Bellins (instead of line 46). Moreover line 43 will have a night service ( from 10:30pm to midnight) but its terminus will be "Edouard Vallet".
Stops "Bachet-de-Pesay", "La Chapelle" & "Serves" will be served by line 43.
Download line 43 schedules from December 2014


  Bardonnex - Stade-de-Genève

Line 46 is extended and has a new terminus : Stade de Genève.
No more service for stops "La Chapelle", "Serves" and "Bellins".
Frequency : every 30 min in peak hours (60 min - regular ).
► Download line 46 schedules from December 14th


Rive - Hermance
Rive- Veigy

Place des Eaux-Vives stop moves from December 14th.
The new stop "Place des Eaux-Vives" (destination "Rive") is in front of Phtoshop Verdaine (between Petit-Senn str. & Louis Duchosal str.). A slight route change will allow our buses to gain time.
Download line E schedules from December 14th       ► Download line G schedules from December 14th


New route
New service for stops "Ecole de Médecine", "Carouge", "Lancy" & "Jonction". Stops "Place des Eaux-Vives" et du "Pont du Mont-Blanc" are not served anymore.

  Electric vehicles

Downtown line 36 is now equipped with electric vehicles. The green revolution continues!