Framework and mission of tpg


The tpg’s mission is to help manage mobility throughout the area by offering quality transportation services while respecting the principles of sustainable development. In all that we do, we strive for excellence while serving the public.


The tpg’s mission is laid out in a service contract concluded with the State of Geneva.

Established for a period of five years, this contract sets out the objectives for the transport services to be provided by tpg, the timetable for their implementation, and the available budget. The State ensures that the services ordered are carried out correctly by regularly checking improvements to transport services and use, improvements to our level of customer service, the reduction of our environmental impact and financial control.

The service contract is based on the public transport action plan drawn up by the cantonal transport office in application of the State Council’s Mobilités 2030 strategy.

Other services

The tpg also operates lines through agreements with Genevan and French municipalities. They have also been selected for the public contract for cross-border lines ordered by the GLCT (Local Grouping for Cross-Border Cooperation). 

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