Real-time timetables, on your PC

In addition to the tpg real-time app for iPhone, and our mobile Website for mobile telephones with an Internet connection, you can also consult next departures via a real-time virtual information panel on your PC.

image temps réel sur ordinateurImmediate departure

For an imminent departure, consult information about next departures in real-time simply by indicating the stop, route and destination. The site indicates the next departures, in real-time. Click on the destination to view journey details (time, route taken and available connections).

Delayed departure via the information panel on your PC

If you want to look up a later departure, you can open the virtual information panel on your PC, simply by clicking "Follow these routes" (Suivre ces lignes en continu). This opens a new window (Adobe Flash Player 10.3 required) showing your pre-selected routes and destinations, with real-time monitoring of the next bus at your requested stop, automatically refreshed every 30 seconds.

Information delivery

The virtual information panel displays your routes of choice, destinations, next arrivals, as well as any traffic disruptions. In case of disruption, a triangular warning sign appears on your screen next to the affected routes. Enlarging the panel with the ">>" button enables you to view details of the traffic problem.

Information screens for each stop

With the virtual information panel, you can monitor a range of routes in real-time. Information panels remain displayed on your screen until you actively close them.
Note: you can open the window to full screen using the icon  - image icone agrandissement - on the top right of the window. Close it with the same icon.