Your comfort is our #1 concern. Find some information below to make your travel the best ever:

Photo arrêt de bus

We provide special rebates, extra services for people with mobility impairments.
Call us for more information! 00 800 022 021 20 (toll-free call).

Bus/trams stop infrastructure is managed by the local authorities. Don't hesitate to point out any dysfunctional bus stop to our customer care we'll deal with local authorities to improve your comfort.

Photo bouton bleu

MIP customized vehicles
Our vehicles are specially equipped to welcome mobility impaired clients (low-floor vehicles & access ramp). We strongly recommend our senior clients to board the bus using the first door.

Blue and yellow buttons
Doors are automatic. To avoid any injuries, use blue/yellow buttons. These buttons will shut down the automatic door closing system and leave you more time to board safely and comfortably.

Photo attente à l'arrêt

Extra service
You can benefit from a personal accompaniment. Special senior rides are organized by the Geneva state.
Call us for more information! 00 800 022 021 20 (toll-free call).

Travel safe
Drivers may suddenly brake hard. Following the instructions from our special safe-trip booklet (FR) may help you avoid highly unfortunate situations. Call us for more information! 00 800 022 021 20 (toll-free call).


MIP Rebates Programm


Picto handicapésMobility Impaired People - Wheelchairs.

The swiss UTP legitimating handicap card entitles mobility impaired / disabled people to travel for free. For more information call us at 00 800 022 021 20 (toll-free number).

Picto malvoyants Visually Impaired People.

Customers who are blind/visually impaired travel for free with the swiss UTP legitimating handicap card.  Find out more on Your accompanying person (friend, family, or guide dog) travels for free. For more information call us at 00 800 02 021 20 (toll-free number).

Logo OCAS Invalidity Pension Plan

If you are eligible to the Invalidity Pension Plan (swiss Assurance Invalidité), special rebates are provided by the state of Geneva.


A special brochure (FR) to help our mobility impaired clients is available. On simple request we will be glad to send it! 
Call us! 00 800 022 021 20 (toll-free number).


Use blue/yellow button.
It gives you more time to board.
(automatic system shut down)

Orange bumpy tile on the side walk
indicates where bus/tram stops.

More time to board?
Need help to get in?
Use blue/yellow buttons,
and board first/second door.

Show your cane to the driver!
Help will be granted!


Call 00800 022 021 20