To guarantee a safe and pleasant trip for everyone, tpg has some basic rules governing expected behaviour in our vehicles as well as in tpg facilities.

According to tpg Terms and Conditions it is strictly forbidden to bother/hinder tpg operations in any way. Any violation will lead to penalty fare and legal prosecution.

 As such, it is prohibited to:

  • bother the driver while driving (emergencies excepted).
  • insult, harm or endanger tpg personnel.
  • tamper with any tpg equipment (such as, but not limited to, safety and emergency equipment, emergency alarms and control switches on tpg buses and trams) on property owned, operated or maintained by tpg.
  • voluntarily obstruct or impede tpg operations/service (e.g. blocking doors).
  • obstruct platforms and seats inside the vehicle.
  • deteriorate tpg property owned, operated or maintained vehicles.
  • beg for money
  • play radios/instruments or using other devices that make sound others may hear (unless you have a valid tpg permit).
  • smoke (e-cigarette included).
  • eat in the vehicle (snacks are allowed).
  • board vehicles with any container that can soil our vehicles or be used as a projectile.

  Find out more in tpg Terms&Conditions (FR)


Call our contact tpg hotline
for assistance.

00800 022 021 20

(toll-free number)