SwissPass now available in tpg boutiques!

SwissPass, your mobility mate…

Innovative and easy to use solution, the Swisspass mobility concept will allow almost all Swiss public transportation companies to gather and to offer our clients a various range of services such as leisure activities on a single card. Account management, subscription renewal and partners offers will easily be managed online.

Concretely, SwissPass is realized by a red plastic contactless card which offers personal data protection since all your data are not stored on your very card but in a remote database. Security and simplicity.


More about privacy and security :

Launched all over Switzerland on August 1st, 2015, CFF GA travelcard (Abonnement Général AG-CFF/ Generalabonnement SBB-GA) as well as CFF Half-fare travelcard (Demi-tarif CFF / Halbtax SBB) are already available on Swisspass.

… leisure too !

A wide range of mobility and leisure providers have already joined the Swisspass community:

  • Mobility Carsharing – the swiss carsharing solution. 1'400 sports throughout Switzerland and 2'700 vehicles.
  • PubliBike – Bike self-service, available 24/7 in many swiss cities.
  • SuisseMobile - The Swiss network for soft mobility (non-motorized), offers attractive routes for hikers, bikers, skateboarders and canoe fans.
  • Winter sports – skiing packages of some Swiss ski resorts are already available on SwissPass.
  • Entertainment tickets - SwissPass is also your pass for Ticketcorner's managed events such as concerts, musicals and other shows which are to be bought as usual on-line and then to be loaded on SwissPass.

More services to come in the next future. Stay tuned!

Unireso annual « Tout Genève zone 10 » and « Region » passes (French zones not included) are available on Swisspass.

SwissPass is now available in all tpg boutiques . All « Tout Genève zone 10 » and « Region » passes (French zones not included) unireso new passes will be established or renewed with the SwissPass solution. Monthly passes will be soon concerned.

SwissPass card fee will be offered for every new subscription or renewal of an annual unireso pass. (CHF 10.- fee if subscribed alone – without any mobility offer).

Are you already an annual unireso pass client?

You need to apply for a Swisspass in one of our tpg boutiques to create your account in order to manage your mobility & leisure services.

To ease the transition, you will receive a personal letter informing you about the steps to be undertaken / the documents to be provided to create your Swisspass (card and account)..

Providing an easier way to manage subscriptions and services.

Thanks to Swisspass, manage your personnal data – renewal, services, leisures – easily online
Tpg will assist you all the way with its new soon-to-be-released online userfriendly webshop which features will ease you to renew your pass and manage your account whenever you want and wherever you want!