Offers for Families and Couples

If you use Geneva's public transport system as a couple or as a family on a regular or even occasional basis, you should know that there are special offers you can take advantage of.

Family Offer

The Family Offer allows parents who hold a valid unireso Tout Genève pass to purchase an Tout Genève junior family pass for their children (under 25 years old).

A new Family pass can be taken out at an agency or in the webshop upon presentation/download of the family booklet or any other official document proving parental authority.

Some municipalities subsidize season pass purchases for their residents via municipal vouchers to be redeemed by tpg.

Renew your child's Family pass

Illustration pour l'offre famille
  Monthly Junior Pass Yearly Junior Pass
The parent has a yearly pass CHF 40
instead of CHF 45
Save 11% !

CHF 350
instead of CHF 400
Save 35% compared to
to 12 monthly passes !

The parent has a monthly pass CHF 40
instead of CHF 45
Save 11% !
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Children under 6 years old

Children under 6 years of age accompanied by someone with a valid ticket on tpg network can travel free of charge (maximum 8 children traveling with one adult).

SBB Junior and accompanied Children cards

With the Junior Card or the accompanied Children card issued by the SBB for CHF 30.00 per year, children and young people aged between 6 and 16 travel free of charge on the Swiss rail network. They must be accompanied by someone with a valid ticket.

For more information about the Junior card and the accompanied Children card, visit the SBB website.

offre junior

Duo Offer

The Duo Offer allows holders of a valid full-fare adult Tout Genève travel pass to give a second unireso Tout Genève travel pass at a reduced price to a partner living in the same household (CHF 450.00 for the yearly Duo travel pass and CHF 65 for the monthly Duo travel pass).

This offer is for adult season pass holders. You can sign up in an agency or on the webshop upon presentation/uploading of proof of residence dated less than three months.

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