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Would you like an easy-to-use app that lets you get around Geneva and the neighbouring regions with ease, while allowing you to buy your tickets with just one click? Don't hesitate to download our tpg+ app and take advantage of its many features.

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tpg+, for the purchase of your eTickets

tpg+, a practical and comprehensive app that makes online purchases easy. Whether you're looking for a ticket or a season ticket, you're just a click away. From your secure personal account or as a guest (without creating an account), buying tickets has never been easier. tpg plus even lets you buy tickets in advance as well as instantly. Moreover, your SwissPass remains visible on the app throughout your journey. With or without a wallet, as long as you have your tpg plus app, life on the tpg network is easy, pleasant and efficient.

Find out step by step how to buy your tickets on tpg+.

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tpg+ your travel assistant

Instant and fast, the tpg+ app also offers you features for your trips. With your app in hand, you can easily: 

  • consult your line's schedules
  • see the exact location of your departure stop using the map
  • search for useful information at stops
  • plan your trips 
  • and much more...

 Find out how to search for a route in just a few clicks.

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How to get started with tpg plus? Easy, follow our step-by-step tutorials and master the app in  in a flash. If you have any questions, the FAQ below will provide you with the answers you need. Enjoy your discovery!

tpg+ app tutorials

tpg+ FAQ by theme

Find the answer to your questions in each theme to properly use the tpg+ application

  • Features
    • What are the key features of tpg+?

      1. Purchasing Eticketing in online mode or as a guest (without creating an account)
      2. Real-time itinerary search and purchase of the corresponding ticket on the entire Greater Geneva network, including Léman Express
      3. Your Swisspass in your smartphone
      4. Payment methods (credit card, TWINT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
      5. Immediate display on the map of the next departures in real time near your geolocation
      6. In the menu, possibility of accessing your subscriptions via a link to the Webshop
      7. In the menu, possibility of accessing the tpgFlex on-demand bus service
      8. Application available in English (depending on your phone settings)

    • Managing favorites and touch schedule

      First of all, to add a stop to your favorites, you have to click on the star located to the left of the stop that you entered in the search bar. The star turns orange once a favorite is added.

      To find your favorites, go to your application menu by clicking on the “MENU” button at the bottom right. Then, click on the orange arrow next to the “SCHEDULES” section and finally click on “FAVORITES” which will be displayed.

      This brings you to a checkerboard with all your favorites and allows you to search for a route quickly and intuitively by simply connecting one square to another with your finger (touch timetable).
      You can also delete favorites by choosing the pencil icon.

    • Can I register my SwissPass in the app and check my travel passes?

      Yes, to do this, go to the menu of your application by clicking on the “MENU” button at the bottom right and choosing “MY SWISSPASS”. 

      Then click on the “CONNECT WITH SWISSPASS” button. If you do not yet have an account with, you will first have to create an account by following the steps on the site (choose “I have a public transport travel pass” to indicate your Swisspass card number in the “Customer number” field).
      Log in with your credentials and as soon as you are redirected to the tpg+ application, click on the “ACTIVATE MY SWISSPASS” button. All you have to do is validate the terms of use and your dematerialized Swisspass is displayed.

      Of course these operations have to be carried out only once. As soon as you go to your menu and click on “MY SWISSPASS”, it will be displayed.
      You will then be able to check your current travel passes and show your screen during a check.

    • How do I find a route?

      To create a route, click on the bottom tab “ROUTES”, in the second position at the bottom of your navigation screen. Then, once on the itinerary page, enter your departure in the “MY POSITION” field and your destination in the “TO” field.

      The app will offer you the best possible routes and will show you on the bottom half of your screen the next departures and changes. You can see the details of one of the proposed itineraries by clicking on the chosen schedule.

      After choosing your route, tap CONTINUE to purchase the correct ticket for that route.

    • What is real time?

      Real time is a timetable which, based on the theoretical timetable, takes into account traffic hazards (demonstrations, accidents, etc.)

    • Why does tpg+ need permissions?
      • For location: Geolocation requires activating the GPS function so that tpg+ can locate the nearest stop. The same applies if you want the stop closest to where you are located to appear in the schedule.
      • For Internet access: To process your requests, tpgPreview needs Internet access in order to access schedule and ticket data in particular.
  • Purchase
    • What products does tpg+ offer?

      - unireso Tout Genève zone 10: Tickets (including Hop-the-line) & day passes  
      - Léman Pass tickets & day passes.
          - Multizone 2 zones: Léman Express 
          - Multizone 3 zones: Léman Express by route search only.
          - Route: by route search.
      - Local tickets France 
      - Complementary tickets 
      - City-ticket 2 hours: by route search only.

    • What tickets and cards can I buy?

      All the tickets necessary for your travels on the Greater Geneva network including the Léman Express, and the bordering areas in France. All areas are accessible via the "MENU" icon at the bottom of your screen, under "NETWORK INFO" and "NETWORK PLANS".

    • Can I buy subscriptions on tpg+?

      Yes, you can activate the link to the Webshop from the MENU tab, under TICKETS & SUBSCRIPTIONS, sub-heading SUBSCRIPTIONS. You can also access our webshop via this link.
      You can also do so directly at one of our 3 branches in Cornavin, Rive and Lancy-Pont-Rouge.

    • How to buy a ticket or a day pass?

      There are two ways to purchase a ticket:
      - The "Buy" tab: select the ticket you want.
      - Following an itinerary search, you will be offered the appropriate tickets.

      You can buy online with a Swisspass login, or as a guest without creating an account. To issue your title, please enter the following information: title, surname, first name, date of birth and e-mail address.

      Payment methods include: credit card, TWINT, Apple Pay, Google Pay...

    • How do I buy a ticket corresponding to an route?

      After a route search, click on the orange "CONTINUE" button to select the right ticket for your route.

    • Can I buy valid Léman Express tickets and cards?

      Yes, tpg+ is recommended for tickets and cards for up to one day. Our webshop is ideal for purchasing or renewing your subscriptions (annual, monthly or weekly). You can also visit one of our 3 branches (Cornavin, Rive and Lancy-Pont-Rouge) or one of our dealers.

    • How can I buy additional tickets?

      IThey are now called "Complementary tickets" and you can buy them in tpgPreview via the "BUY" icon, located in the third position at the bottom of your screen. It is an icon representing two banknotes. You can also buy your tickets after an itinerary search. 

    • How can I buy tickets for other people?

      It is possible to buy an electronic ticket for other people. To do this, use the third icon at the bottom of your "BUY" screen. Once your ticket has been chosen, you can add the people accompanying you under the “traveler” section. Any ticket purchased on the application must include the title, surname, first name and date of birth of the latter, so that the controller can identify it. Please note: since the ticket is on your phone, the person for whom you are buying the ticket must remain with you throughout their journey.

      It is also possible to buy for others via the Buy as a Guest feature, without creating an account. You must therefore enter the email address of the person in question so that he or she can receive the ticket purchased. 


    • How do I buy a transport ticket for my dog or my bike?

      This is not yet possible, but this integration is part of the planned developments.

    • Can I buy my ticket in advance?

      Yes via route search only by doing a route search in the future.

      Please note: for the moment, refunds of transport tickets are only available during the current day, otherwise please contact customer service on the free number 00800 022 021 20.

    • Until when can I buy my tickets on tpgPreview?

      Until the moment you board. You must have a valid transport ticket as soon as you board a tpg vehicle.

    • Where is the ticket or card I bought?

      You find it on the home screen, at the bottom of your screen. You need to click on the fourth icon "MY TRIPS". You will find your itineraries, tickets and day passes there. These are available at all times, including without a network or wifi. You are required to present it in case of control, along with something to prove your identity, as tickets are nominative.

    • Can I print my tickets purchased on tpg+?

      From now on, each time you purchase a ticket via the application, an email containing your ticket in pdf format will be sent to you. You can then transfer your ticket by e-mail,view it offline and/or print it.

    • Can I pay with a credit card in EUR without commissions being charged?

      Yes, for this you must choose to pay in Euros with a Euro credit card.

      To avoid bank charges, go to the "MENU" icon located in the navigation bar, at the bottom right of your application. Then, select the "MY PREFERENCES" section where you can choose your currency according to the choices below:

      • If your credit card is issued by a Swiss organization, choose “Pay in CHF”.
      • If your credit card has been issued by a European organization, choose "Pay in EUR".
    • How long are tickets purchased on tpg+ valid?

      The time of their validity is indicated on each ticket purchased on the application. These remain available for 30 days in the "MY TRIPS" section, then select "PAST TRIPS" if you wish to re-purchase them later.    

    • Can I be reimbursed for transport tickets purchased on tpgPreview?

      Unireso (according to T651.11) and Léman Pass (according to T651.12) occasional transport tickets are not refundable (see link below)

      Direct service tickets*, route tickets or city-tickets are subject to T600 regulations (see link below)
      - Before the day of travel, contact customer service, an excess of 10.00 will be charged (T600 1.4.2)
      - On the day of travel, contact customer service, an excess of 20.- will be charged (a reduced excess of 10.00 CHF depending on the exception)
      - After the day of travel, contact customer service, an excess of 20.00 will be charged

      For reference:

      *Direct service: "Public transport customers in Switzerland benefit from a system that is unique in Europe: the direct service. It doesn't matter whether the trip goes through one or more transport companies, a single ticket is enough to make it. The Direct Service has developed extremely popular travel passes, such as the general travel pass or the half-fare travel pass. With the exception of a few tourist lines, these travel passes cover virtually the entire Swiss public transport network. Individual ticket fares are also valid end-to-end."

    • How long are tickets purchased on tpg+ stored in the application?

      Tickets are kept for one month on the application.

    • How long are tickets purchased on tpgPreview stored in the application?

      Tickets are kept for one month on the application.

  • Account
    • Why do I need a tpg account to buy tickets?

      It is a legal requirement that the last name, first name, gender and date of birth be known to issue an electronic ticket. This is why this information is requested at the time of purchase. 

    • Can I change my personal data in tpgPreview?

      You can change your personal data (last name, first name, date of birth, and 1/2 tariff travel pass) by choosing Menu – My account – Edit profile.

    • My personal data

      Indication of your date of birth is key to correct ticket pricing.

    • I forgot my password. What should I do?

      You can request a password change by clicking on the "Menu" icon and choosing "My Account".  In the login screen, choose "Forgot password" and follow the instructions.

    • Can I change my password?

      You can change your e-mail address via the Menu by selecting "Webshop", then "My travel passes". In the webshop you can change your details in "Profile". Then click on "Settings" on the small pencil at the bottom right and follow the instructions.

    • What happens to my personal data (name, address, etc...)?

      Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Use, which can be found under Menu – Information.

      If you want to learn more about our data protection policy, click on this link.

    • Do I have to register to buy a ticket on tpgPreview?

      Yes, you need to create an account or log in to your tpg webshop account to purchase a ticket using a credit card or SMS: Last name, first name, date of birth, and valid e-mail. This data is necessary to guarantee payment transactions confidentiality.

    • When I fill in my e-mail, I get the message "invalid e-mail".

      This means that your e-mail address does not yet exist in our database. Create your account on the app or on the webshop now.
      If you forget your password, please consult the related question/answer. 

  • Etickets
    • Rule during checks
      • Any ticket purchased on the application is nominative. The customer must be able to prove his or her identity in the event of an inspection.
      • E-ticket tickets (tickets purchased on the application) are accessible at all times, including offline, via the "MY TRIPS" icon at the bottom right of the screen. In addition, with each purchase of a transport ticket via the application, an e-mail containing your ticket in pdf and pkpass (format readable by the Wallet-type applications standardly provided on iPhone and downloadable on Android) is sent to you.
      • According to the T600N, the presentation of a ticket after the fact (e.g. dead battery), involves invoicing a processing fee of CHF 30.00 (Art. 3.1.10 and This is not a situation of forgetting, but a situation of regularization after control of a traveler without a transport ticket during the control. In practice, like the SMS-ticket, the traveler checked on board must present himself/herself to the BCO and, on production of his/her e-ticket which is valid but unavailable during the check, he/she will pay the processing fees provided for by the T600 for this regularization and which are up to CHF 30.-. because in all cases these situations require clarifications, within the meaning of Article It is Article that concerns us, and the latter refers us to 12.7.4.
    • Are tickets purchased on tpgPreview transferable?

      No, tickets purchased on the app are personal and non-transferable. When checking the tickets, you must present a valid identity document (passport, identity card). On the other hand, if you have a travel pass, you will not need to present your identity document.

    • What documents do I have to present during an inspection?

      The tickets you have purchased on your smartphone are personal and non-transferable. To be valid, they must be associated with a valid official identity document in the name of the traveler (passport, identity card or transport ticket). In addition, with each purchase of a transport ticket via the application, an e-mail containing your ticket in pdf and pkpass (format readable by the Wallet-type applications standardly provided on iPhone and downloadable on Android) is sent to you. You can then transfer your ticket by e-mail and view it offline. This development now offers you four options for presenting your ticket in the event of a check: via the tpgPreview app (e-ticket), via the Wallet app (pkpass), via your phone's pdf reader or on paper if you have printed the pdf before your departure.
      If you have purchased a ticket in connection with a travel pass registered on a SwissPass, all you have to do is present your electronic ticket directly on your tpgPreview application. It is necessary for this that you be connected with your login on the application. Your valid tickets are accessible even off the network and without wifi under "MY TRIPS", "CURRENT TRIPS".

      If you have a travel pass, you can present your Swisspass by clicking first on "MENU" then "MY SWISSPASS". You will need to have previously registered your Swisspass in your app (see the question "Can I register my Swisspass in the app?" above in the section).

  • Location
    • tpg+ can't find any stops nearby?

      For tpg+ to be able to use your geographical position, you need to authorize access to your phone's location in its settings.

      Please note that if you have deactivated localization, you will need to restart tpg+ for the application to reset your geolocation. If localization is active, move the map slightly or zoom out slightly to see the orange dot symbolizing your position and the nearest stops.

New version of the tpg app

The tpg history app has reached the end of its run: since the end of 2023, the technologies used to guarantee quality information are obsolete and can no longer deliver stable information to users. An update of the application is essential to continue using the app with the functionalities useful for your trips.

Stop running around waiting... Thanks to the tpg application, you can regain the freedom to organize your journeys and your time according to your needs. For regular travelers, waiting times until the next vehicle, the trip duration and possible connections are all available in real time! For occasional travelers, the route planner, nearest stop geolocalization and mapping guide you step by step.

Finally for everyone, traffic information warns of possible disruptions on the network, so that everyone can organize their trips with complete peace of mind.


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