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Fiscal year 2022: acting for the climate!

2022 was a year marked by several major actions in favor of the climate: the issuance of a "green bond" to finance the electrical development of our fleet of vehicles, calls for tenders for their acquisition and awards recognizing our expertise in the development of public transport and environmental protection, are all highlights that have marked the past year.

Our climate highlights

Take action for the climate! Find out how our actions in 2022 are contributing to a more environmentally and climate-friendly future in our highlights video.

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Editorials by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Board of Directors

Denis Berdoz, directeur général tpg

The year 2022 has reminded us how urgent it is to act for the climate: the summer was scorching, then the beginning of winter was of an unusual mildness. Climate change against the backdrop of the energy crisis that has once again reminded us that natural resources are not inexhaustible and that it is urgent to act to protect our planet. We all, at our level, have a role to play in making a significant change in our behaviors in order to reverse the the full editorial

Denis Berdoz - General Manager
Anne Hornung-Soukup, présidente CA tpg

This edition of the annual report of the tpg is the last to be prepared inthe current configuration: with the board of directors in place – even if its composition has changed somewhat with departures and arrivals – and of which I have been president for nearly seven years with pride... read the full editorial

Anne Hornung-Soukup - Chair of the Board of Directors

Electromobility in 2022


milliers de personnes transportées                                                          


fois le tour de la Terre


millions de km parcourus 


millions de km électriques


conducteurs∙trices recruté∙es 

tram trolleybus tpg

Acting for the climate: electrification of the fleet on the move!

In 2022, we laid the first stones of our fleet electrification strategy, with the award of two contracts for the acquisition of our future electric vehicles: forty trams and a hundred e-buses. These acquisitions will, in part, be financed through an unprecedented financial transaction for an autonomous Swiss public institution: a "green bond" worth CHF 100 million.

These new vehicles are intended to replace, by 2030, all our current combustion buses but also to serve future line extensions, such as the one currently under construction on the route de Base. The extension of tram line 15 in Plan-les-Ouates will be inaugurated at the end of this year. 

travaux prolongement ligne 15

Financial statements: a profit almost in balance

Thanks to higher-than-budgeted cantonal contributions to COVID-19 and good control of operating expenses, we ended the year with a profit that was almost in balance.

Indeed, by anticipating and signing our contracts for the supply of energy (electricity and fuel) before price increases we were able to achieve very profitable savings.

tpg Rapport de gestion 2022

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2021 Fiscal Year

Discover our 2021 Annual Management Report and the highlights of the past year through a dynamic tool. The highlights of the year 2021 are presented in 4 short videos.

In the video below, we invite you to relive through images the main actions we have implemented in terms of development of our offer and customer service throughout the year. Go to the bubble entitled 2021 below and the sub-bubble "Highlights" to watch the other videos dealing respectively with innovation and sustainable development, tpg as an employer and its commitments and actions towards its employees and finally the values of the company in terms of responsiveness, efficiency and expertise.

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Previous years' annual reports

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