Advertising on our fleet of vehicles

Do you want to be visible throughout the region? Opt for our advertising media and achieve maximum visibility with our vehicles on the network 365 days a year. You can choose your format from the various media offered by Goldbach Neo and Livesystems. Whether you're looking for full wraps or mobile posters, there's a wide choice of ways to get your ideas across!

Indoor and outdoor advertising

Looking for the best space for your communication?

Please contact Goldbach Neo for further details.

On-board displays

Would you like to be visible on the tpg channel inside our vehicles?

Request a quote directly from our media agency Livesystems. More than 1,500 screens reaching nearly 600,000 people every day.

Advertising on cross-border routes

The marketing of spaces on border lines is limited to the tram line 17. 
It is no longer possible to communicate on the buses of our partners.