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The Geneva public transport Archives are accessible to the public, free of charge and by appointment, having previously made a request by e-mail or telephone. 

Our history over time

Since 1862 with the first Swiss horse-drawn tramline linking Place du Rondeau to Place de Neuve, public transport has shaped the landscape of the Canton of Geneva. Heirs to this long history, tpg have kept the archives of the various public transport companies that have succeeded each other in the territory, constituting a collection that will interest both public transport enthusiasts and researchers.

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The archival processing of the funds was initiated in 2013, with the arrival of an archivist. It has made it possible to rediscover precious documents which, although they had been well preserved for more than a century, had not been valued until then. The archivist therefore began this work of recovering the backlog in parallel with raising employee awareness and implementing rules for the management of the entire documentary life cycle.

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The archives can be consulted according to the deadlines and prescriptions in force in the relevant regulations.

tpg consultation rules

If your request concerns recent documents (active documents), their access is regulated by LIPAD and must be the subject of a request via the Request form for access to documents in the possession of an institution. Your request will then be handled by the legal department.


Legal bases

Funds / Documents available for consultation

  • Collection of the General Company of Swiss Tramways (1876-1900)
  • Collection of the Geneva-Veyrier Narrow Gauge Railway Company (1886-1959)
  • Collection of the Geneva Narrow Gauge Railway Company (1888-1900)
  • Collection of the Geneva Electric Tramway Company (1899-1976)
  • Collection of the Veyrier Tramway Company in Collonges-sous-Salève (1910-1938)
  • Collection of the Geneva Bus Company (1937-1949)
  • Zillweger Collection: collection created between 1967-1975 and containing albums of photographs and documentation on the former Geneva tram companies.
  • Durwang-Primatesta collection: more than 3,000,000 documents (photographs, travel tickets, press clippings, publications, diagrams, etc.) collected by R.-L. Durwang between 1959 and 1990 on Swiss tram companies and organized into albums. A. Primatesta continued the collection by enriching it mainly with Geneva documents.
  • Monney collection: collection of postcards of Geneva tramways.
  • Geneva Public Transport Fund (1977-) 
  • Fund of the Provident Foundation in favor of tpg personnel (1918-)
  • tpg Publicity Fund (1985-)
Archives tpg

Our online inventory is currently under construction. Pending its publication, you can contact us for any question relating to the archives present in our collection. 

Acquisition of archives

The tpg archives service gratefully accepts donations of documents relating to the history of public transport in and around the Canton of Geneva.


Cynthia Schneider, archivist
Geneva public transport
Route de la Chapelle 1
1212 Grand Lancy
Tel: + 41 22 308 32 29 
Consultation only by appointment.

Archives tpg

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