Organization of tpg

Governance of tpg is ensured by the Board of Directors and the Management Board.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the company's strategy, draws up and negotiates the service contract with the State, appoints the directors and validates the social and budgetary guidelines. Its chairman acts as a liaison between business and political spheres. The Board is composed of sixteen political representatives, three staff representatives and one representative of the Cantonal Council in an advisory capacity.

Composition of the Board of Directors 
appointed for the period from 01.12.2018 to


Members appointed by the Cantonal Council
Anne Hornung-SoukupChairman; Director since July 01, 2016
Silvio BartoliniChairman of the Audit & Finance Committee and member of the Bureau of the Board of Directors; Director since September 02, 2017
Nicolas FournierDirector since September 2022 (advisory vote)
Denis GrobetChairman of the Strategic Committee and member of the Bureau of the Board of Directors; Director since June 2014
Maja LuscherDirector since December 2008
Sandrine Meyer-Chanson Director since January 12, 2022
Philippe SerranoDirector since December 2018
Representative of the French border region 
Christian Aebischer Director since February 23, 2022
Members appointed by the Grand Council 
Céline AmaudruzVice-Chairwoman of the Board, Chairwoman of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee and member of the Bureau of the Board of Directors; Director since October 2012
Philippe CalameDirector since October 29, 2020
Javier GarciaDirector since December 01, 2018
Oscar F. González GarciaDirector since June 2014
Philippe MeyerChairman of the Network and Infrastructure Commission and member of the Bureau of the Board of Directors; Director since March 2009
Philippe RochetinDirector since April 1, 2021
Thibault SchneebergerDirector since December 01, 2018
Member appointed by the Municipal Council of the City of Geneva
Sandrine SalernoDirector since December 2018
Member appointed by the Association of Geneva Municipalities
Gilles MartiDirector since December 2018
Members appointed by tpg staff
Robert BadoudDirector since December 2018
Frank CordierDirector since December 2018
Joao FaustinoDirector since December 2018


Board members
From left to right: Javier Garcia, Sandrine Salerno, Philippe Calame, Sandrine Meyer-Chanson, Philippe Meyer, Denis Grobet, Anne Hornung-Soukup (president), Céline Amaudruz (vice-president), Robert Badoud, Philippe Serrano, Thibault Schneeberger, Joao Faustino, Philippe Rochetin, Silvio Bartolini, Maja Lüscher, Gilles Marti, Franck Cordier, Christian Aebischer, Francisco Gonzalez and Nicolas Fournier.

The Management Board

tpg is organized into general management and seven areas of activity, each led by a director.

General Management

General Management of tpg is led by Denis Berdoz. General Management’s mission is to carry out the strategic visions of the Board of Directors and the challenges posed by the service contract, while taking into account the company's own rhythm and the possibilities of each area of activity.

Area of Activity Management

The general manager is supported in his/her mission by the directors of the company's areas of activity. Within their area of expertise, they are responsible for developing and implementing daily processes that ensure that the service contract’s objectives as well the company's commitments are achieved, all the while sustaining levels of quality of service.

The composition of the management bord

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