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What could be better than visiting Geneva by public transport? Walking throughout the canton of Geneva lets you fully appreciate the region’s beauty. 
Whether you want to see to the Jet d'eau, visit the Palais des Nations or cool off at the Bains des Pâquis (beach), tpg will take you everywhere hassle-free. 

Geneva and its agglomeration offer a perfect mix of nature, culture and recreational activities. A cosmopolitan and international city on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by mountains, the lake, rivers and countryside, Geneva is full of treasures. The best sites of the canton are easily accessible by public transport, thanks to our network which perfectly serves Geneva and its places of interest.

Must-see sites to visit in Geneva

Discover (or rediscover) Geneva differently with Geneva public transport. Visiting Geneva by bus, tramway, train or shuttle boat has never been so easy.

Go swimming in Geneva by bus, streetcar or shuttle boat

Come take a dip in the fresh waters of Lake Geneva. If you feel like taking a swim or just enjoying a beautiful sunset with a breathtaking view of the lake, we offer 6 beaches and 6 pools that are not to be missed.

Geneva’s beaches

From the left bank to the right bank, discover the city’s best beaches, some of Geneva’s most attractive tourism sites.

Public swimming pools in Geneva

Geneva has six public swimming pools. While some local pools are mainly used by sports clubs, the two large pools in Varembé and Les Vernets, with their indoor and outdoor pools, are available to the public.

Geneva by public transport, discover the parks

Stroll through Geneva's public parks and gardens. 

The Eaux-Vives Park

With its vast lawns, its hundred-year-old trees and its picturesque pond, the Eaux-Vives Park is one of the oldest parks in the city of Geneva. Located in the continuity of the La Grange Park directly at the water's edge, Eaux-Vives offers a beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the Jura. 

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La Grange Park

La Grange Park is the largest park in the city. Its spectacular views of the Jura and Lake Geneva, its diverse atmosphere and its play areas (including a paddling pool) make it a privileged and popular place for tourism in Geneva.

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The Bertrand Park

Located in the Champel district, right on the edge of the Florissant district, The Bertrand Park offers a magnificent environment where children can play on the playground, swim in the paddling pool or slide on the trunk of an elephant. 


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The Jardin Botanique

The Jardin Botanique offers an exciting journey through the world of plant life right in the heart of Geneva. This park has an incredible variety of flowers, with nearly 16,000 species from five continents spread over 28 hectares. 

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Jardin Botanique

The Jardin Anglais

Located on the lakefront in front of the Jet d'eau, the Jardin Anglais houses the famous Flower Clock as well as the National Monument erected in memory of Geneva's entry into the Swiss Confederation. The Jardin Anglais is a unique location and is one of the most charming places to stroll on the Left Bank. A must-see site in Geneva.

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Jardin anglais

The Bastions Park

Located in the center of Geneva, the Bastions Park is an ideal place to relax or have fun in a green and soothing setting. Its giant chess set is one of Geneva’s many hidden treasures. Chess lovers from all walks of life will be delighted by the park’s 6 life-size chess boards. 

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Parc des bastions

La Perle du Lac Park

La Perle du Lac offers an exceptional view of Lake Geneva, the city and the mountains. "The Pearl Garden" is a large lawn that slopes gently down to the lake, surrounding a monumental fountain. 

In summer, a refreshment stand is set up next to the Museum of the History of Science. Deck chairs are also available and free film screenings are organized in July and August. 

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La Perle du Lac

Explore the city of Geneva

The city of Geneva, charm and mystery.
Exploring the city of Geneva is a must for any visitor. We have selected these key sites that offer the best Geneva experience while displaying its secrets and beauty.  

Tourism Geneva: iconic neighborhoods

If you are visiting the city of Geneva by public transport, consider stopping in these beautiful neighborhoods.

Geneva’s cultural sites

Geneva is a true cultural center that is home to some of the world's most unique wonders. They will delight lovers of discoveries.

Geneva’s museums

Discover the richness and exceptional diversity of Geneva's museums. 

Entertainment in Geneva’s theaters

Geneva offers some beautiful theaters and concert halls, ranging from the classic to the alternative

The Grand Théâtre

The Grand Théâtre de Genève is the main opera house of the city of Geneva, as well as the largest opera house in Switzerland. Located on the Place de Neuve in front of the Bastions Park, it is one of the most important lyric theaters in Europe, and its reputation is a great asset for Geneva's cultural influence. The Grand Théâtre de Genève offers about one hundred ballets, operas and classical music concerts per year.

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Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall is one of Geneva’s main cultural sites, located in the Plainpalais district near the Grand-Théâtre. It is dedicated to classical music.


How to get to Victoria Hall

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The Théâtre Pitoëff

Located on the second floor of the Plainpalais town hall, the Théâtre Pitoëff is an important theater in the City of Geneva. It hosts festivals subsidized by the municipality and can be rented to present shows. 


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Théâtre Pitoeff

The Geneva Arena

The Arena is the largest multi-purpose concert hall in French-speaking Switzerland, with a capacity of up to 9,500 people. Thanks to its spatial modularity, the Arena can host both giant productions and intimate shows. The Arena can adapt to any type of project: operas, ballets, concerts, ballet or film shows, congresses, conferences, private parties or sports events.

Getting to the Geneva Arena

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The Usine

The Usine is a self-managed cultural center made available by the City of Geneva for artistic and socio-cultural activities. Housed in a former Geneva gold factory at the heart of the city, the building is an alternative hub home to no less than 18 self-managed non-profit collectives and associations all dedicated to promoting culture.

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The City of Geneva is fully committed to international organizations

From the World Trade Organization (WTO) to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva is home to many well-known international organizations.

Unireso tickets to visit Geneva

Tickets specially designed for tourists visiting Geneva by bus, tramway, train or shuttle boat.

Geneva Transport Card

People visiting Geneva and staying at a hotel, youth hostel or campsite can travel free of charge on public transport in Zone 10 for the duration of their stay thanks to the Geneva Transport Card.

This personal and non-transferable card is offered to them by the place where they will be staying upon their arrival.

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Geneva City Pass

Tourists can also get a Geneva City Pass (offers for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours) from our partner Genève Tourisme.

This personal and non-transferable card also gives you access to more than 50 free or discounted activities and allows you to use public transportation in Zone 10 for free.

Geneva City Pass

Discover other travel passes

If you are in Geneva for a long stay, a unireso travel pass is the ideal solution to explore the canton with ease. Discover all the types of travel passes that can meet your mobility needs in Greater Geneva. 


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