Traveling with a stroller

Tips and tricks for traveling with a stroller 

In accordance with our regulations for passenger transport, strollers are welcome on board our vehicles provided that there is enough space. They are then transported free of charge.


For safety reasons, access to tpg vehicles is only possible through the doors equipped with a blue or yellow button (2nd door of our buses and trolleybuses, 2nd and 3rd doors of our tramways), which must be activated before getting on or off the vehicle.

Always use the blue button. This prevents the door from closing automatically. When activated, the driver ensures that the door is clear before manually closing it. 

From the outside as well as from the inside of the vehicle, the blue button allows you to control the opening of the door.

bouton bleu poussette à l'intérieur
Bouton bleu à l'intérieur
bouton bleu extérieur pour les poussettes
Bouton bleu à l'extérieur

To help you find your way around while waiting for the vehicle to arrive, look for the orange marker at the curb, which indicates where the front of the vehicle stops.

bouton orange
Pastille orange

The stroller should be kept stationary throughout the trip, parallel to the direction of travel and with its back to the driver, if possible, while being held and supervised by an adult.

For the safety of the child, it is recommended not to attach a bag to the stroller.

Stroller width

Access for large strollers can be difficult. Remember to always use the 2nd door of our vehicles. Here are their dimensions:

Mercedes Citaro1 m 25Saurer0 m 76Duewag (DAV)1 m 40
Volvo1 m 25NAW 10 m 76Bombardier Cityrunner1 m 30
Van Hool1 m 20NAW 21 m 20Stadler Tango1 m 30
MAN1 m 20Hess1 m 20  

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