Occasional Travelers

Do you occasionally travel using public transport? No need for a travel pass: tickets and day passes are made for you!

With a ticket or a day pass, you can travel hassle-free on our entire network.

Are you traveling in Geneva only?

You can choose between several "Tout Genève" tickets and day passes.

billet tout geneve
"Tout Genève" Zone 10 Tickets"Tout Genève" Zone 10 Day Passes

Zone 10 "Tout Genève" includes the entire canton of Geneva. There are two types of tickets valid in zone 10 Tout Genève only:

"Saut de puce": valid for a trip of 3 stops (one way) on a tpg line or a crossing with the Mouettes Genevoises. This ticket is not valid on board CFF/SNCF trains and Alpbus coaches.

"Tout Genève" ticket: valid for 60 minutes

There are two day passes for travel within Geneva (Zone 10).

Day pass: valid from the time of purchase until 5:00 a.m. the next day

Day pass from 9:00 a.m.: valid from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. the next day

The full-fare "Tout Genève" day passes are valid for two people traveling together on Saturday or Sunday. This advantage does not apply to day passes valid from 9:00 a.m., which are only for individual use.

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Are you traveling between Geneva and France?

To travel between Geneva and the following French regions, you need a ticket or a Léman Pass card:

  • Veigy (Zone 200),
  • Annemasse (Zone 210),
  • St-Julien – including Collonges and Valleiry (Zone 230),
  • Pougny (Zone 240),
  • Pays-de-Gex (Zone 250), 
  • Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le-Fayet, Thonon-Evian (Zone 300), 
  • Annecy-Pringy-Groisy (Zone 380)
  • Valserhône (Zone 400)
voyager entre genève et france
Léman Pass TicketsLéman Pass Day Passes

There are several types: 

Léman Pass ticket: valid for one trip, one trip-zone route or one zone-trip-zone route: 180 minutes.

Léman Pass Multizones ticket: this allows you to travel from Zone 10 to an adjacent French zone and vice versa.
Valid: 90 minutes.

Cross-border short hop: this allows you to make two stops on either side of the border without returns or connections.
It is valid only on the tpg lines for one trip without returns or connections for 30 minutes. Not valid on board CFF/SNCF trains and Alpbus coaches.

Léman Pass animal ticket: valid for pets according to the vehicle operator's conditions.

There are two types:

1-day Léman Pass card: valid all day from the time of purchase until the end of the services. 

5-days Léman Pass multizones card: valid from the date of purchase for 5 days in Zone 10 and an adjacent French zone.

Supplementary Léman Pass ticket

If you have a ticket, a day pass, or an unireso pass and wish to travel to a neighboring French zone or vice versa, all you need is a supplementary Léman Pass ticket. It is valid for 90 minutes in the acquired supplementary area.

For trips to France, you can buy it with our tpgPreview app, at one of our distributors, or at one of our agencies.

Its price varies according to the supplementary zone where you wish to go:

  • Zones 240 or 250: € 1.40/CHF 1.60,
  • Zones 200, 210, or 230: € 1.60/CHF 1.90,
  • Zone 10: CHF 3.00/€ 3.10

Are you traveling in France only?

You can buy your local tickets for travel in the regions of Veigy (Zone 200), St-Julien including Collonges and Valleiry (Zone 230), Pougny (Zone 240), and Pays-de-Gex (Zone 250) from our resellers in France and from the on-board distributors of our cross-border routes.

Tickets valid in the Annemasse area (Zone 210) are distributed by the TAC.

voyager en france uniquement

Are you traveling throughout Switzerland?

To travel throughout Switzerland from Geneva, choose the national day pass. With it, you can travel freely throughout Switzerland, including the unireso zone, and as far as Annemasse station with the Léman Express.

voyager à travers la suisse

tpgPay, your reloadable card for buying tickets at distributors 

The reloadable tpgPay card allows you to buy your ticket or day pass quickly and easily from the distributors on the network or on board our vehicles.

It is on sale in our tpg agencies and at authorized dealers in Switzerland and France. Two types of cards are available: CHF or Euro. They are reloadable for amounts of 20/50/100 CHF or €. Cards are valid for five years from the date of activation.

Manage and secure your tpgPay card on the Webshop 

To ensure the security of your tpgPay card and to benefit from our state-of-the-art management tools, register your card in the Webshop now. You will then be able to benefit from the following advantages:

- Check your card balance at any time
- Activate the alert by e-mail or sms when your balance threshold is reached
- Block the card in case of theft or loss 
- Transfer unused balance to a new tpgPay card
- Activate an alert when your card expires.

Download the general conditions of tpgPay

tpgPay, instructions for use

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