Traveling with Bikes with the tpg

Bicycles (including electric bikes) and other non-motorized two-wheelers can be transported in our vehicles.

  1. Bicycles and other non-motorized two-wheelers are transported at reduced fare in tpg vehicles in Zone 10, provided that there’s enough space and that they do not interfere with other passengers. For Lines 17, 38, 52, 62, 63, G, K, where drt-tpg regulations are applicable, bicycles are transported free of charge in the France sector.
  2. Tandems, horizontal bicycles, bicycles with trailers, and other bulky two-wheeled vehicles are not allowed.
  3. Folded bicycles that are not too large are allowed and transported free of charge on board the vehicles, provided they do not bother other passengers.
  4. During the trip, cyclists must remain beside their bicycles, ensuring the bikes’ safety and stability. They assume full responsibility for any damages caused to other passengers, to the tpg, or to themselves, within the limits of the law.

For more information, please consult the applicable rates under practical documents

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