With school routes, it's off to class!

School buses run on the tpg network from Monday to Friday to serve certain schools in the canton of Geneva. 

These routes are reserved for pupils of the schools concerned, in possession of a valid transport ticket.


School routes

 CO Bois-Caran (Geneva, Place des Eaux-Vives - Collonge-Bellerive, Bois-Caran)

 CO Foron - Collège Claparède - Centre Horticole (Chêne-Bougeries, Malagnou - Jussy, Monniaz)

 CO Foron - Collège Claparède - Centre Horticole 

           (Chêne-Bougeries, Malagnou - Thônex, Pierre to Bochet)./p>

 Collège Claparède - Cycle de la Florence - Cycle de la Seymaz - Collège De-Candolle 

            (Veyrier, Tournettes - Chêne-Bourg, Petit-Bel-Air)

 CO Pinchat - CO Drize (Bardonnex, village - Carouge, Grange-Collomb)

 ECG Aimée Stitelman, Collège et école de commerce André-Chavanne, Collège Rousseau, ECG Henry-

             Dunant (Plan-les-Ouates, Le Rolliet - Genève, Nations) from 11.12.2023

 CO Renard (Vernier, CO Renard - Vernier, Bois-Chébé)

Missing taxonomy term. ECG Aimée Stitelman, CO des Voirets (Bernex, Lully croisée - Grand-Lancy, Curé-Baud) 

            from 11.12.2023


Regular lines

            CO Vuillonnex - De-Saussure  (Confignon, croisée - Athenaz, school)

            ECG Aimée Stitelman (Geneva, Jardin Botanique - Plan-les-Ouates, Tourbillon)

            ECG De Staël (Lancy-Bachet, station - Thônex, Moillesulaz)


Transport tickets at preferential prices for young people

tpg supports mobility for young people.
In Geneva, young people aged 6 to 15 inclusive benefit from the reduced rate for the purchase of tickets and day passes. From 6 to 24 years old, they can also benefit from the Junior Pass.