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Are you hesitating between the tpg app and the tpg+ app? To find out which app is best suited to your needs, we've put together a quick overview of each app's specific features. 

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Stop running around waiting... Thanks to the tpg application, you can regain the freedom to organize your journeys and your time according to your needs. For regular travelers, waiting times until the next vehicle, the trip duration and possible connections are all available in real time! For occasional travelers, the route planner, nearest stop geolocalization and mapping guide you step by step.

Any version of the application prior to November 2023 must be updated in order to benefit from reliable and up-to-date information. The historical tpg app has reached the end of its road: since the end of 2023, the technologies used to guarantee quality information are obsolete and can no longer deliver stable information to users. Go now to Apple Store and Google Play to update your app.

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tpg+, your mobility assistant

tpg+, a practical and comprehensive app that makes online shopping easy. Buy your ticket in one click. From your secure personal account or as a guest (without creating an account), buying tickets has never been easier. tpg plus even offers the possibility of buying tickets in advance as well as instantly. The app also allows you to integrate your SwissPass mobile so that it's always close at hand. What's more, your SwissPass remains visible on the app throughout your journey. With or without a wallet, as long as you have your tpg plus app, life on the tpg network is easy, pleasant and efficient. 

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To find out about your line's timetable, top up or buy your travel pass, here's everything you need to guide you and travel with peace of mind on our network.