Getting tickets from our distributors

Buy your ticket or day pass from our distributors.

Whether at a stop or aboard our vehicles, buying your ticket is a breeze.

At a stop

In most cases, you will find a tpg distributor at our stops. This will let you buy your ticket or day pass via one of the following payment methods:

•  Cash – the machine gives change
•  tpgPay
• Maestro (national and international)
• Visa, Visa Electron
• American Express
• PostCard
• MasterCard
• myOne
• RekaCard
• Vpay
• Twint

distributeurs automatiques à l'arrêt

On board tpg buses

For lines in the countryside, some stops are not equipped with a distributor. In this case, payment is made aboard the vehicle thanks to the on-board distributor located at the2nd door.

If paying on board, ticket purchases must be done immediately after boarding the vehicle.

On-board distributors accept all contactless bank cards as well as tpgPay, Twint, GooglePay, and ApplePay

distributeurs embarqués

Your ticket or day pass with tpgPreview

Search for your route and buy the corresponding ticket wherever you are with our tpgPreview mobile app.

Other points of sale at your disposal

You can also buy your tickets, day passes and subscriptions.