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tpgEvomoov is a solution to help companies and institutions improve their mobility. Our mission is to support you every step of the way, from strategy formulation to impact measurement and implementation. We are committed to helping you change the mobility behavior of your teams by offering you the most effective solutions to your specific problems.

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Our tpgEvomoov solution

tpgEvomoov is an ecosystem of mobility solutions based on human behavior and commuting and professional practices. This innovative solution, which is based on digital platforms, makes it possible to design and implement personalized mobility plans focused on the diversity of sustainable transport modes and the encouragement of change in travel habits. The approach is collaborative and evolving.

Diagnosis, analysis, recommendations, implementation: tpgEvomoov simplifies the organization of corporate mobility at every level.

As each company is unique in its issues, objectives and possibilities for action, tpgEvomoov has been designed in a modular form. tpgEvomoov meets many needs by offering a strategic vision, personalized support and performance measurement of the actions undertaken.

tpgevomoov plan de mobilité genève

Tailor-made approach

The solution is built around two main pillars that underpin two levels of commitment:

  1. Implement a company-wide mobility strategy
    If your company is looking to make an impact, to obtain a label, or if the mobility approach is part of an environmental or carbon policy with ambitious objectives, the Mobility Strategy module is a relevant solution to help you achieve these objectives. 
    Starting from the realization of mobility diagnostics, the module "Mobility management" makes it possible to collect the mobility needs of staff and to study the potential for transferring individual motorized transport to more sustainable modes, before proposing a range of mobility solutions.
  2. Deploying one-off mobility initiatives
    If your company is looking to implement one or more mobility initiatives without committing to a global approach, the "A la carte" formula is perfect for small-scale needs. Development of a bike fleet, a bike repair shop, a carpooling system or a shuttle service; many options are available.

    What's more, we also offer two very interesting services: 

    - Management of financial contributions: this is our long-standing core business, and we already have 100 Geneva-based companies and institutions using this solution, which has been specially designed to facilitate the administrative management of requests and allocations of financial contributions offered by the company to its teams - whether for use of public transport, bicycles or car-sharing. 

    - Parking management: the ideal solution for boosting your parking lot's potential. We can help you define your parking policy and simplify the management of your parking spaces. 

Personalized support

tpgEvomoov is first and foremost a solution to help companies and institutions improve their mobility.

Mobility specialists facilitate the management of changes in travel habits through personalized advice throughout the chosen approach, whether full or partial. A tpg specialist guides the company to the right mobility solutions. It coordinates the network of mobility professionals and supports rollouts.

Our mission is to support you every step of the way, from strategy formulation to action implementation. We offer you a choice of partners, help you request quotes, and deliver training and communication kits to help you communicate with your teams.

We're committed to helping you change mobility behavior, by proposing the most effective solutions to your specific problems.

tpgevomoov plan de mobilité genève

Mobility plan with tpgEvomoov: advantages for companies and institutions

Decision-making support, automation, time savings on the order of 4 times less than with a traditional method, speed of execution, etc. This innovative tool, which simplifies the user experience, is a major ally for the mobility manager! In addition to the benefits of operational efficiency, the involvement of staff in the construction of the mobility plan maintains a continuous dialogue and contributes to preserving social cohesion.

In addition, for collective interest, the mobility plan has the advantage of federating teams around a strong positioning in favor of the environment, and making it an exemplary element constituting the brand image that reinforces the attractiveness of the company or institution.

Reduced transport costs, less stress during commuting or professional journeys, improved daily well-being and efficiency at work... The benefits for employees are also numerous.

tpgevomoov plan de mobilité genève

Who is our solution for?

  • Companies : multinationals, SMEs, international organizations, NGOs
  • Public authorities: municipal and cantonal institutions and offices
  • Campuses: universities, schools, specialized institutes

Access to all the services on this platform is through a single business partner, tpg, which is co-constructing tomorrow’s mobility with the best experts on the market.


tpgEvomoov - Managing financial holdings: how it works 

Find out how to efficiently manage applications and allocations of financial contributions for public transport season tickets.

Testimonials from our customers

Many people already trust us!

More than 100 companies are already using the Financial Contribution Management module, designed to facilitate the administrative management of requests for and allocations of financial contributions offered by the company for the use of public transport, bicycles or car-sharing.

The Mobility Strategy module, launched more recently, is proving increasingly popular with companies and institutions wishing to embark on a comprehensive approach, starting with a mobility diagnosis of their staff.

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Mobility Plan: why make one? 

If you still doubt the usefulness of making a mobility plan, if you don't know where to start or if your employees are unhappy with the existing mobility conditions, then this white paper is for you! There we answer essential questions, such as: 

  • What is a mobility plan?
  • Why is it important to make one?
  • What are the benefits of a mobility plan?
  • How do you make a mobility plan?

Don't wait any longer to find out more! Download our white paper.

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tpgEvomoov – the mobility ally of companies

As the leading public transport operator in the Geneva region, tpg is committed to offering private and public companies solutions that meet the challenges of mobility. tpg created tpgEvomoov to support companies in developing effective mobility plans that encourage a change in transport habits and enable them to take concrete action in response to the climate emergency.

Let's build sustainable mobility together!

We rely on the commitment of companies and their employees to take part in the common effort to preserve the planet.