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The yearly or monthly pass is an ideal solution for regular users of the tpg network.

With your pass in your pocket, travel freely using public transport.

You travel in Geneva only

You need an unireso Tout Genève Zone 10 pass. This will allow you to travel freely throughout the canton of Geneva by bus, tramway, trolleybus, train and even shuttle boat with the Mouettes genevoises shuttle boats. 

déplacement à Genève uniquement
There are several categories:
Adult* from the age of 25 until the legal retirement age (64 for women and 65 for men)
Junior from 6 to 24 years old, inclusive.
Senior from the legal age of retirement (64 years for women and 65 years for men).
AI For recipients of a full AI pension (equal to or greater than 70%). From the age of 25 until the legal age of retirement.
Duo offer reduced-price unireso travel pass for partners (aged 25 to legal retirement age) of a holder of a full-fare yearly or monthly travel pass upon presentation of proof of address. Offer limited to one duo pass per household.
Family Offer parents in possession of a monthly or yearly pass can enable their child(ren) to purchase an identical pass at a reduced price upon presentation of a family booklet/certificate or any other official document proving parental authority.
Transferable* non-nominative, single-fare pass for the general public valid in Zone 10.
P+R pass The Fondation des Parkings, in partnership with unireso, offers season passes combining the use of public transport and car/motorcycle/bike parking.

* Available at the 1st class rate for people wishing to travel in 1st class on the trains.

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Are you traveling between Geneva and France?

For travel from Geneva to the French regions of Veigy (Zone 200), Annemasse (Zone 210), St-Julien – including Collonges and Valleiry (Zone 230), Pougny (Zone 240), Pays-de-Gex (Zone 250), Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le-Fayet, Thonon-Evian (Zone 300), Annecy-Pringy-Groisy (Zone 380), Valserhône (Zone 400), and vice-versa, you will need a yearly or monthly Léman Pass.

voyager entre genève et france
There are two categories:
Junior from 6 to 25 years old inclusive.
Adult from 26 years old 

Buy your pass online 

If you have a ticket, a day pass, or an unireso pass and wish to travel to an adjacent French zone, you can purchase a complementary Léman Pass ticket with our tpgPreview app either at one of our distributors or in one of our agencies.

Léman Pass, for your cross-border travel

Through logistical and economic cooperation between the cantons and across the border, the Léman Pass fare community aims to promote occasional or commuter travel between Geneva and regions in Vaud and France via the Léman Express.

leman pass

The Léman Pass offer covers multimodal cross-border journeys made with:

  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB);
  • Geneva public transport (tpg);
  • the Société des Mouettes Genevoises Navigation SA (SMGN);
  • Public transport for the Nyon Region SA (TPN);
  • SNCF Mobilités (SNCF);
  • public transport for the Annemasse area (TP2A);
  • the Régie départementale des transports de l'Ain (RDTA);
  • the Société intercommunale des bus de la région annécienne (SIBRA);
  • the Société des transports de l'agglomération thononaise (STAT);
  • Transdev Haute-Savoie.

Leman Pass tickets and season passes are valid for different combinations of zones and routes.

Are you traveling in France only?

You can buy your monthly and yearly passes in France for your trips in the regions of Veigy (Zone 200), St-Julien including Collonges and Valleiry (Zone 230), Pougny (Zone 240) and Pays-de-Gex (Zone 250) from our dealers in France, in our agencies and in the Webshop. They will be loaded onto the SwissPass card.

Season passes in the Annemasse area (Zone 210) are distributed by the TAC; France-France rail tickets by SNCF

voyager en france uniquement

Traveling through Switzerland?

For travel between the city of Geneva and other destinations in Switzerland, you need a general travel pass . With it, you can travel freely throughout Switzerland, including the Geneva unireso zone, and as far as Annemasse station with the Léman Express. The National Half-Fare pass, combined with a National Direct Service ticket, allows you to travel free of charge throughout Switzerland at a reduced rate.


Your travel pass on SwissPass

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The SwissPass mobility concept is an innovative and easy-to-use solution that allows you to combine your various mobility needs on a single card.

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Being a pass holder has many advantages

With your yearly pass, you can get discounts from our numerous partners in the city of Geneva!