Self-service bikes thanks to the yearly Unireso travel pass

tpg is partnering with VéloPartage, the Geneva self-service bike rental: VeloPartage allows you to rent a bike, an electric bike, every day and 24 hours a day. Thanks to your yearly unireso travel pass, take advantage of combining this additional offer in soft mobility for daily or occasional trips.
This offer is valid until August 31, 2023

More than 1200 bikes at your service!

Thanks to the partnership developed with Donkey Republic and tpg, it is now possible to combine the various means of transport. Tram, train, bus, shuttle boats and... bike! 1200 self-service bikes, 500 rental points in Geneva, a simple smartphone application: save time and combine your trips for work and leisure and finish your trip smoothly.
If you have a unireso yearly travel pass, we offer that you complete your mobility for the summer season with a Donkey Republic pass at an advantageous price. You pay for 5 months and the 6th month is free!

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Go to one of the tpg agencies (Cornavin, Rive or Lancy Pont Rouge) to get your tpg bikeshare formula.

My Donkey Republic formulas

Small, Medium or Large, find your ideal package and get a free month!

The codes are personal, non-transferable and usable until October 31, 2023; they entitle you to a 6-month pass from the time it is entered in the Donkey Republic app.

All packages are also available for yearly Léman Passes and general pass holders. 

Find all the information related to the Donkey Republic service 


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General terms and conditions of sale and use

Find here the CGSU of the joint "tpg Bikeshare Offer" between tpg and Donkey Republic.