Discover all the options offered by your tpgPay card

Moyens de paiements
Dernière modification le 08.12.2020

Secure, ultra-fast, proactive and environmentally friendly, the tpgPay card offers you a host of advantages to help you continue to travel on our public transport network! Visit our webshop now to secure and manage your tpgPay card.


To take advantage of our online management tools and ensure the security of your tpgPay card, register it now in the Webshop. You can now benefit from the following advantages:

  • Block your tpgPay card in the event of loss or theft
  • Check your card balance at any time
  • Set your card threshold and be alerted by e-mail or SMS when your balance is reached
  • Be alerted by e-mail or text message when your card expires

But also:

  • Buy tickets from ticket machines in seconds with contactless payment
  • Reload your card according to the desired amount: 20 / 50 / 100 / CHF or € in tpg agencies or at our retailers. 

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