Transport plan: what are the advantages for companies ?

With increased productivity, fewer employee absences and improvements to your brand image and eco-citizenship, the advantages are endless. Learn more about them in detail.

Why should I encourage my employees to take public transport to and from work?

You can contribute to sustainable transport and benefit from all its advantages. Discover the right reasons to encourage your employees to use public transport.

Is there a dedicated platform for companies ?

Yes, a special tpgBusiness platform is available free of charge to make administrative management of subsidized travel pass purchases easier for travelers. Learn more. 

Can my company benefit from preferential rates on travel passes for its employees ?

Offers are available for bulk purchases of yearly travel passes. You can also benefit from transferable travel passes. Learn more. 

How do I get travel passes for my employees ?

There is a special tpgBusiness purchasing platform for you. You can manage all travel pass purchases through this platform. You also have the option to buy with the tpgPay card, to order on invoice. Learn more.

Do my employees need a SwissPass to get their travel passes ?

The SwissPass is a contactless card that serves as a medium for travel passes from various concessionary transport companies in Switzerland. It is nominative and is required before buying a tpgBusiness travel pass. The SwissPass card is free of charge. Your employees can purchase it at one of our branches or online at our webshop by creating an account.