Over forty years of history 

tpg has been providing mobility services in the Geneva region since 1977, continuing a long tradition almost two centuries old.


The first regular omnibus line between Place de Neuve and the Rondeau de Carouge is put into service


histoire 1862 540x310

Commissioning of the first horse-drawn tramline in Geneva, which will become Tramway 12 


Creation of the Compagnie des tramways de Genève, which becomes, in the same year, the Compagnie générale des tramways suisses


Des trams à vapeur circulent à Genève

First steam-powered tramways are put into service


Creation of the Société genevoise de chemins de fer à voie étroite


First electric tramways are put into service


Creation of the Compagnie genevoise des tramways électriques (CGTE), which in 1900 takes over operations of the two tramway networks in Geneva


Premier autobus en 1928

First buses are put into service


Removal of country tramlines (Saint-Julien, Ferney-Voltaire, Chancy, Vandœuvres) – up until 1969, no fewer than 13 tramlines are abandoned


histoire 1942 540x310

The first trolleybuses are put in service


Creation of the first reserved bus lanes


Création des tpg en 1977

Creation of tpg, which succeeds the CGTE


Opening of the temporary Carl-Vogt depot in the former Exhibition Centre; this will compensate for the construction work at Jonction while the opening of Bachet-de-Pesay is pending

Creation of the control center


Creation of the first Geneva tariff community. With the same travel pass, customers can travel on the lines of tpg, SBB and the Mouettes genevoises shuttle boats.


Administration is moved from Jonction to Bachet-de-Pesay, which becomes tpg’s central headquarters


Creation of tpg France


First new tramline since 1908, paving the way for numerous construction projects

Commissioning of the newly rebuilt Jonction maintenance center and abandonment of the temporary Carl-Vogt depot


Establishment of the first service contract, a document governing the relationship between the State and tpg


Creation of TPG Publicité SA to manage advertising space on tpg vehicles. The company is renamed TP Publicité SA in 2016


Creation of TP2A, a company owned 51% by RATP France and 49% by tpg France, to operate the Annemasse public transport network (TAC)


Operation of the TAC network through TP2A


New visual identity of the tpg for the company’s 30th anniversary


Major restructuring of the network (70% of the network is changed, elimination of lines 13, 16, 17, and 18) and implementation of a transfer system with 3 tramlines (12, 14, and 15) 

Signature of the public-private partnership between the tpg, the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies, SIG, and ABB Sécheron SA to create a 100% electric TOSA bus


Takeover of the Salève cable car operation through the Société du téléphérique du Salève, a new company created with RATP Dev and COMAG

Présentation du prototype TOSA

Commercial test of the 100% electric TOSA bus prototype between Genève Aéroport and Palexpo


53.8% of Genevans accept an initiative to lower tpg fares


Launch of a bond issue to finance the construction of the future En Chardon depot; a first for a Swiss public entity 


Inauguration TOSA en 2018

TOSA and the autonomous vehicle go into commercial service on the experimental XA line in Meyrin

vehicule autonome

Adhesion to the European AVENUE project, which studies the integration of autonomous vehicles into public transport networks


Launch of Tramway 17, the cross-border line linking Lancy-Pont-Rouge-Gare and downtown Annemasse


Opening of the En Chardon maintenance center and depot in Vernier.

En Chardon


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