Our offer is back to normal, the day after the strike

Avis de perturbations
Dernière modification le 14.10.2022

The tpg network has been operating at full speed again, with the usual Friday schedule, since this morning. 

After a first day of strike, Wednesday, 13 October during which we were able to offer a minimum service offer to our customers; then a second day of severe disruption with an extremely limited offer, until the resolution of the situation that allowed the strike to be lifted at midday, we are happy to see all of our vehicles again circulating on all our lines, at your service. 
We again thank the entire population for their patience and understanding and express our deep regret for the major disruptions they had to endure during these two days of strike.

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Detailed information is provided on the news feed dedicated to the strike under the link below.

News feed

Monday, 10 October 2022

The strike notice is maintained for this Wednesday. 

In addition to our usual communication media —, applications, etc. — a toll-free number 0 800 858 900 will be activated as of tomorrow, Tuesday, 11 October at 5:00 p.m.

The transport offer aimed at ensuring a minimum service on the network remains dependent on factors beyond our control. However, its planning, organized the day before, may already disturb some hours of the evening of Tuesday, 11 October.

The recommendations below remain valid before any trip.

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

In the event of a strike by our staff, our public service mission to the population includes the organization of a minimum transport service, in accordance with the service contract that binds us to the State of Geneva.
We are currently working on organizing this adapted offer. However, its implementation depends on several parameters that we cannot fully control, such as the number of people willing and/or available to provide service on D-Day or external constraints that are beyond our control and that would prevent the progress of our vehicles on the network.


In preparation for the disruptions that will affect the tpg network that day, we strongly encourage you to make all possible arrangements before each trip:

  • consult the usual tpg information channels:, tpg applications, terminals at the stops, 00800 022 021 20 (free call from Switzerland and neighboring France).

On D-Day, this page will be in the form of an updated feed that will give you information to follow the evolution of the situation in real time.

  • use other modes of transport, when the routes allow: Léman Express, Geneva shuttle boats, tpg lines where service will be provided, cycling, etc.
  • Prioritize teleworking, when possible.

This page will be updated with new useful information for your trips as the situation evolves. Do not hesitate to consult it regularly.

Reminder of the social context

The strike notice on 12 October follows several months of negotiations on wage indexation between the company's management and the four organizations representing tpg employees; negotiations which have still not resulted in an agreement satisfactory to all.

Indeed, the SEV and transfair unions were not satisfied with the management's proposal — approved by the Board of Directors on 5 September — namely: a +0.6% wage increase (indexation) as of September 2022 and the payment of a one-off bonus of CHF 400.00 to each employee, in order to offset the rise in the cost of living.

The two other organizations representing tpg staff, ASIP and APAC, reported that their members had spoken in favor of this measure, which recognizes both the interests of the staff but also the difficult financial context of tpg.

The strike notice reflects the opinion of a minority of the tpg staff. However, striking is a right and expressing one's point of view, whatever it may be, is also a right. As such, company management will respect everyone's choice to express their voice in the way that he or she deems most relevant that day, while ensuring that everyone's rights and duties are respected