Family Offers

If you use Geneva's public transport on an occasional or regular basis with your family, there are special advantages...

Family Offer

The Family Offer allows parents who hold a valid unireso Tout Genève pass to purchase an Tout Genève junior family pass for their children (under 25 years old).

A new Family pass can be taken out at an agency or in the webshop upon presentation/download of the family booklet or any other official document proving parental authority.

Some municipalities supplement travel pass purchases for their residents via municipal vouchers to be redeemed by tpg.

I renew my child's Family travel pass

Enfant accompagné
 Monthly Junior PassYearly Junior Pass
The parent has a yearly passCHF 40
instead of CHF 45
Save 11%!
CHF 350
instead of CHF 400
Save 35% compared to
12 monthly passes!
The parent has a monthly passCHF 40
instead of CHF 45
Save 11%!
aucune offre

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Children under 6 years old

Children under the age of 6 accompanied by a person with a valid ticket on the tpg network travel free of charge.

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