On-demand bus: the choice is yours!

tpgFlex is an on-demand bus service that complements the network's regular lines. It allows passengers to reach a stop on a regular line or to make a trip between two stops located in the area.
New! The tpgFlex service is now offered in the Seymaz-Voirons region, offering direct connections with Léman Express

How does it work?

  1. Register (when logging in to the tpgFlex app for the first time). Surname, first name, mobile number;
  2. Order your ride from the tpgFlex app or on 
  3. Indicate your departure stop and the start stop of your destination and the desired time 
  4. Receive a confirmation SMS with all the details of your journey
Comment ça marche tpgFlex ?

Champagne Region

tpgFlex is available at Aire-la-Ville, Avully, Avusy, Cartigny, Chancy, Laconnex, Soral, as well as on a part of the territory of the municipalities of Bernex and Viry, and at the station of La Plaine in the municipality of Dardagny.
This service also extends to the ZIPLO in Plan-les-Ouates, at the new terminus of the line  , to offer direct access from Champagne and Viry.
tpgFlex becomes your on-demand service in the region and advantageously replaces the offer of the following lines     and     which will disappear as of 10 December 2023.

This service is available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.  
Please note that due to the closure of the Soral customs at 10 p.m., requests for rides for Viry and Veigy are available until 9:20 p.m.

New connections in the region

  • Bernex-Vailly from where the line starts     which allows you to reach the city center via Onex, Lancy and beyond the Jonction district.
  • Viry ; a new stop is proposed in the hamlet of Veigy.
  • ZIPLO, at the new terminus of the line.  , which connects to Lancy-Pont-Rouge station or to Lancy-Bachet station with the line.  .
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Download the full plan in PDF format


Download the full flyer in PDF

tpgflex plans champagne

Which ticket should I choose?

The tpgFlex offer is available with unireso tickets (travel passes and unireso zone 10 tickets).
The "unireso Hop the Line" and “Léman Pass Border Hop the Line" tickets are not valid on tpgFlex.

Seymaz-Voirons region

Following the launch of tpgFlex in the Champagne region, the service is now offered in the municipalities of Choulex, Gy, Jussy, Meinier, Presinge, Puplinge as well as part of the territory of Annemasse Agglo and the municipalities of Collonge-Bellerive, Thônex and Vandoeuvres. There are nearly 80 stops (including 16 tpgFlex) that cover the area and offer direct links with Léman Express stations.
tpgFlex completes the offer in the region and replaces the line    (Presinge-Annemasse) which will disappear on December 10, 2023.

This service is available de 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

New connections in the region

  • Annemasse, Rotonde station: connection with Annemasse station and Léman Express, RégioExpress and TER trains.
  • Machilly, gare: a new connection between Swiss municipalities and the Léman Express.
  • < strong>Thônex, Belle-Terre-Place-de-l'Araire: connection with the lines     and     to the city centre.
  • Thônex, Trois-Chêne Hospital: a direct link to geriatrics.
  • Vésenaz, village: important centre of activity with many shops as well as direct links to the city centre. 
tpgFlex seymaz-voirons 540x310

Download the full plan in PDF format


The Saint-Cergues, gare stop is temporary pending repositioning on the territory of the municipality.
From summer 2024: the Thônex, Belle-Idée reception stop will also be available.

Download the full flyer in PDF


tpgflex plans seymaz voirons

Mandement region - night service

In addition to the Léman Express, a special tpgFlex night service has been introduced for residents of the Mandement region (communes of Satigny, Russin and Dardagny) to enable them to get home on Friday and Saturday nights, Saturday and Sunday nights and from December 31 to January 1. This service replaces the former Noctambus NC line.

Connected to the tramway   at "Meyrin, Gravière" or from the Léman Express at "Satigny, gare", three trips are scheduled to "La Plaine, gare".
Depending on demand, the route is adjusted to be as short as possible.

Download the full flyer in PDF format