Getting to Les Grottes

Les Grottes district, a picturesque place in Geneva

Les Grottes is a historic district at the forefront of innovation, unique and dynamic in which conviviality and experimentation come together. Its narrow streets teeming with small shops in a green living environment give it a village feel, despite its very central location. It is also one of the centers of the alternative and artistic milieu in Geneva

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Les Grottes, a district with surprising dwellings

Bordered by the Rhône to the south, it covers the right bank of the lake between Saint-Jean Charmilles and Pâquis Sécheron. It is before the Servette Petit-Saconnex district when going up from the lake.

A multicolored architecture with buildings that look dilapidated and original constructions reminiscent of the houses of the Smurfs make the charm of this district steeped in history.

The heart of Les Grottes is a dynamic and lively district and a place of experimentation.

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The Smurfs universe

In the form of dwellings, there is a strange complex with curved walls and surprising colors.

The resemblance between these dwellings and the mushrooms in which the little blue figures live gave it the name "Smurfs".

A little history

A former working-class district, the Grottes Saint-Gervais district owes its survival to the mobilization of its inhabitants. Fields, woods, vines and a few bourgeois properties shared the area in the 18th century.

After 1850, the constructions multiply. Heterogeneous and incredibly intertwined, these are poor houses.

As soon as the station was built in 1928, all construction or upgrading projects were stopped. The area is considered run down and unsanitary. In 1971, a development project wanted to reform Les Grottes into a satellite city.

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