Getting to the Old Town of Geneva

The Old Town of Geneva: its cathedral, its cannons, its terraces

Geneva's Old Town is the largest in Europe. Explore 2000 years of the city's history by exploring its narrow streets, Bourg-de-Four square and its shady terraces, art galleries, antique dealers and museums. The treasures of Geneva's history are in the Old Town.

You can easily get to Geneva's Old Town by bus. Discover all the information you need to plan your visit in complete comfort.

Geneva's Old Town and its treasures

The Old Town of Geneva is the largest historic city in Switzerland. It is dominated by St. Peter's Cathedral, important site of the Reformation, which offers a panoramic view of the whole city and Lake Geneva.

Along the Treille promenade, on the southern fortifications of the ancient medieval city, is the longest wooden bench in the world: 126 meters.

Going to the Old Town of Geneva is an opportunity to explore the small streets around and the shaded terraces. 

Nearest stops


  • Palais Eynard:
  • Liszt, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Saint-Antoine, Bourg-de-Four, Taconnerie, Cathédrale, Hôtel-de-Ville 
palais eynard

What lines do I take to get to Old Town of Geneva?

Plan your trip from your location in Greater Geneva.

Geneva, as you don't know it... yet.

Discover, in the company of a professional guide, the Old Town of Geneva as you have never seen it before...

Genève Tourisme offers guided tours on reservation of about 2 hours on foot. Remember to book!

A bit of history

The historic center of Geneva, the Old Town is built on a hill delimited by the district of Low Streets on the lake side and Plainpalais on the opposite side. The neighborhood lives mainly on antique shops and a few bars. There are 82 buildings or sites in Geneva that are classified as Swiss heritage sites of national importance, and the entire old town of Geneva is part of the inventory of Swiss heritage sites.

The city expanded in the 19th century after the demolition of the fortifications (1850-1880). In 2000, the city won the Wakker Prize of the Swiss National Heritage League for its concept of redeveloping the banks of the Rhône and its immediate urban environment.


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