tpgPreview, your new travel assistant

Dernière modification le 27.02.2020

Public transport users in Geneva and its surrounding areas can now benefit from a new real-time application to help them in their travels: tpgPreview.

Upon opening the app, the next real-time departures of buses, trains, tramways, and trolleybuses in the immediate area will be displayed on the screen. The timetables of the TAC network (Annemasse) are already included, while those of the Léman Express will be included as of December 15.

Travelers can search for a route and see the exact location of their departure stop, which is particularly useful at stops served by many lines.

Another advantage of the tpgPreview application is that you can purchase e-tickets from a list of predefined tickets (by text message or credit card) or directly from the route search by credit card. As a result, once you have found your route, all you have to do is click on a single button to buy the corresponding ticket. Transactions can be made in Swiss francs or in euros.

In addition, the app offers the possibility of registering multiple credit cards to pay separately for private and professional travel. Finally, it also lets travelers quickly buy predefined tickets or tickets in their purchase history.

tpgPreview can be downloaded from

picto app store
picto google play

Note that the previous app "tpg" remains available.