Federal authorities have given a green light for the operation of automated vehicles providing on-demand service on the Belle-Idée site (HUG)

Dernière modification le 18.06.2020

Geneva public transport has taken an important step in the project to operate automated vehicles by receiving official authorization from the federal authorities (Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communication) on June 3 to operate autonomous shuttles on the Belle-Idée hospital site. 

Initially, two Navya Autonom Shuttle vehicles, identical to the one that runs
today on the XA line in Meyrin (an automated electric vehicle with a capacity of 15 people), will be put into service on the Belle-Idée site. tpg plans to run them in a test phase (without passengers) from the end of June 2020 on half the planned route. The objective of this project, carried out in collaboration with the HUG, is to propose a new generation of on-demand transport services, which will be requested via an application and will then transport the client from door to door (shared autonomous public transport) within the Belle-Idée site. 

This project is part of the European consortium AVENUE (Autonomous Vehicles to Evolve to a New Urban Experience), led by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and conducted in collaboration with the State of Geneva. The objective of this consortium is to prepare the technical, legislative, and economic integration of automated vehicles within urban spaces.