Business mobility management : find out how to save time with tpgBusiness offers

Acting for sustainable development is not reserved for large companies. Everyone can take part, in particular through the management of the mobility of employees.

This requires aligning and coordinating employee behavior with company policy, which can be particularly time-consuming. Subsidy management, allocation of parking spaces, vehicle rental...

To facilitate the management of mobility in companies and reduce the administrative burden, Geneva public transport has developed tpgBusiness. This platform dedicated to companies has been specially designed to facilitate their mobility management. By automating the most tedious processes, tpgBusiness allows you to save precious time!

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tpgBusiness: a platform dedicated to companies to facilitate the management of their mobility

tpgBusiness is a platform that aims to facilitate the administrative management of the purchase of subsidized travel passes for employees.

Free and easy to use, it allows you to centralise :

  • The purchase of travel passes as well as their dematerialization via the SwissPass card;
  • The allocation of subsidies to employees to finance all or part of their travel, with a personalization of the amounts allocated;
  • Subsidy management with validation of beneficiary employees;
  • Tailor-made invoicing, with the possibility of automatic renewal.

In order to support companies in deploying the platform, tpgBusiness offers a certain number of services : training, workshops, communication media, etc. A call center has also been set up, specifically dedicated to company managers. This support provided by Geneva public transport allows companies to use the platform quickly and easily and to take advantage of its advantages without delay!

tpgBusiness : automating mobility management to save time 

By making the mobility management process more flexible, tpgBusiness saves considerable time, particularly at the administrative level.

Many administrative tasks are in fact the responsibility of companies that grant subsidies to their employees for their travel by public transport. Generally, employees present a receipt for the purchased travel pass or an expense report to their company, which then reimburses them for the amount of the subsidy granted. HR and financial managers must therefore manage all the stages of this often complex process. 


Thanks to tpgBusiness, companies have an overview and a single invoice. Indeed, a single invoice is edited and all the information is summarized in a CSV file. Companies can then retrieve this CSV file on the platform, which represents a major advantage, especially for parent companies. This centralization therefore saves considerable time in terms of administrative management. 

A high level of customization

The platform meets the needs and specificities of each company. tpg advisers discuss with you to find out what you wish to subsidize. Does your company subsidize a unireso pass for Zone 10 Tout Genève at CHF 500 or a Léman Pass for the border zone? Does it want to participate in this travel pass up to 100 CHF? Does it want to go further and subsidize up to 700 or 800 CHF? etc. Whatever the company's policy, tpg collects the information necessary to set up the project. Groups of employees are then entered into the platform and the allocated subsidies are linked to the groups of people who receive these subsidies. Once these groups have been created according to the subsidies granted, tpgBusiness gives you the possibility of completely automating the management of the subsidies allocated to employees and of renewing them automatically. 

However, if you want to keep control of the management of subsidies, you can manually validate their allocation and automate only the renewal of the travel pass purchase. Finally, you may prefer entirely manual management : you then validate the subsidy and your employees buy their travel passes manually. The tpgBusiness platform therefore adapts to the specifics of your company and offers you the possibility of setting up automatic, semi-automatic or manual management.

Conseillers tpgBusiness

Depending on the needs and wishes of the company, tpg adapts the platform to the request. This is a free, tailor-made service : you choose the features that suit you best and each service in your company comes out a winner! 

tpgBusiness : what advantages?

A more flexible process, simplified administrative management, automated validation… tpgBusiness allows you to save precious time thanks to unparalleled advantages:

  • Unlike most mobility management solutions, tpgBusiness offers a package specific to public transport and allows you to manage any type of travel pass;
  • tpgBusiness is a turnkey solution: a platform, a contact person, optimal customer service;
  • The platform simplifies the work of General Services, HR, managers, administration, etc. tpgBusiness allows each stratum of the company to save time;
  • In addition to simplifying the process, the platform helps employees by automatically deducting the subsidy from the price of the travel pass, so they only have to pay the residual. 

As a company, take concrete and effective action to respect the principles of sustainable development in the Greater Geneva region, by participating in the purchase of public transport passes for your employees. To support you in this process and save time in your processes, tpg supports you by providing you with a free and simple means of mobility management. In addition to facilitating the management of the allocation of subsidies, such a system encourages employees to use public transport. tpgBusiness thus makes it possible to save time at all levels of the company, including at the level of employees, who thus waste less travel time: no more traffic jams, stress and delays at the office! Contact us for more information!

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