Geneva : 5 good reasons your employees should come to work via public transport

Like all the major cities where many companies are headquartered, Geneva is famous for its many traffic jams. And for good reason: every day, tens of thousands of residents of Switzerland and France go there to work. Dense traffic also means pollution and by extension degradation of the living environment of Genevans. 
To avoid wasting time on the road waiting for traffic to subside, taking public transport is an excellent solution. But this advantage is far from being the only one! 
In this article, tpg explains 5 strong arguments to present to your employees in order to convince them to take public transport to get to your premises.  

Acting for sustainable development

It is an undeniable fact: public transport is less polluting than the use of a private car. If opting for carpooling between colleagues is already a big step to reduce your carbon footprint by going to work, public transport remains the cleanest means of transport. In addition, 98% of Genevans live within 500m of a tpg stop.
Using public transport makes it possible to act in accordance with the CSR challenges posed to companies because it reduces the environmental impact linked to the mobility of teams. The fact that your employees take public transport is perfectly consistent with the current environmental issues that concern us all today. 


98% of Genevans live within 500m of a tpg stop

Using public transport makes it possible to act in accordance with the CSR challenges posed to companies because it reduces the environmental impact linked to the mobility of teams. 

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Coping with the shortage of parking spaces

Parking spaces are becoming increasingly scarce in Greater Geneva. And it is obvious that no one likes to go around in circles for long minutes in search of a parking space. In addition, they are expensive. The rate depends on the zones, but usually count CHF 4.20 to park for an hour and a half. As for free spaces, they are scarce and parking is limited in time, which does not make these spaces suitable for an employee who spends his or her day at the office.

By opting for public transport, your employees benefit from an obvious saving of time and kill two birds with one stone in terms of financial savings by avoiding the payment of a parking ticket or a subscription to a car park. In addition, savings are also made in terms of wasted gasoline in traffic jams or when looking for a parking space.

Improve the attractiveness of your business

As a company, regardless of your sector of activity, it is important to reflect an attractive image for both your current and future employees but also for your entire network of partners and customers. Offering to subsidize public transport travel passes to your employees is an attractive advantage that you can easily highlight in your communication.

This argument is also an interesting asset in the recruitment of new talent that will allow your company to stand out from the rest. You can include it on your job offer ads but also mention it during job interviews by including it in the benefits in kind offered by your company.

With a view to improving the quality of life at work, to which companies must now respond by proposing concrete measures, the financing of public transport for employees is a significant competitive advantage.

Contribute to the well-being and productivity of employees

For employees and their managers, taking public transport to the office has many advantages: 

  • a gain in team productivity: fewer people in traffic jams means less absenteeism. In general, employees are more fulfilled and on time at their workstations. Indeed, taking the car, finding yourself in traffic jams and having to find a place to park is stressful, while taking public transport allows you to devote this time to other activities: working, reading, watching videos...
  • public transport timetables are more reliable: thanks to this parameter, companies see less absenteeism and the risk of accidents is reduced. In addition, employees are more productive. This also represents a health advantage with a less polluted environment and contributes to social well-being with more fulfilled employees.

The tpg network is very dense with 23/7 connections, which allows everyone to use public transport regardless of their schedule or the location of their business and home.

Positioning as an innovative company

In Geneva, employers are not yet obliged to subsidize public transport passes for their employees. However, more and more measures are being taken towards more sustainable mobility. These measures result, for example, in the obligation for public institutions to have a mobility plan due to the limitation of parking spaces in the city... Acting now in favor of mobility means taking a step ahead and demonstrating one's commitment to the planet through concrete actions. 
The financing of public transport allows a redistribution of profits in the public service. The implementation of this type of action makes it possible to demonstrate the social responsibility of companies and is perfectly integrated into their CSR action plan.
The most effective way to encourage your employees to get to the office by public transport is to fully or partially finance their travel passes. To help you in this process, tpg is making available to HR and general services the tpgBusiness platform. This free tool allows you to manage the allocation of subsidies as part of the purchase of transport passes for your employees. Thanks to this platform, the administrative burden on HR departments in managing employees' public transport passes is greatly reduced. Contact us to find out more!

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