Getting to the Jardin Botanique

The Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden), an exciting journey into the plant world in Geneva

This park has an incredible variety of flowers, with nearly 12,000 species from five continents spread over 28 hectares. A veritable living museum, the Jardin Botanique is a place conducive to relaxation and discovering plants

You can easily get to the Jardin Botanique by bus. Discover all the information you need to schedule your visit with ease.

The Jardin Botanique, a real living museum

The Jardin Botanique is a real scientific and cultural heritage which attracts more than 350,000 visitors each year.

In addition to its 28 hectares of plants, an animal park, children's games, a restaurant, a picnic area and the famous "Carrousel des Fables" add a playful side to this exceptional place listed as a cultural heritage asset of national significance.

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Guided tour: Geneva, green and sustainable city

Find out how Geneva is resolutely committed to a “100% renewable by 2050” strategy.

A guided tour of about 2 hours, on foot.

A little history

Expression of the naturalist spirit that reigned in the 18th century, the first Jardin Botanique of Geneva was created in 1817.

The Conservatory and Jardins Botaniques now occupy an area of 28 hectares. The Botanical Conservatory is a place of conservation, research and education

Its Herbarium of 6 million samples is one of the most important in the world without forgetting its public library bringing together almost all the printed matter relating to botany.

Jardin Botanique Genève


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