Getting to Bastions Park

Bastions Park, a nature break in the city center

Located in the center of Geneva, Bastions Park is an ideal place to relax or have fun in a green and soothing setting.

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Bastions park and its giant chess game

Its giant chess set is one of Geneva’s many hidden treasures. Chess lovers from all walks of life will be delighted by the park’s 6 life-size chess boards.

There are also major historical monuments such as the Reformers’ Wall, the Palais Eynard or the University and the Library of Geneva.

Bastions Park is a very popular destination for lovers with its romantic promenade lined with old chestnut trees and its world steeped in history. 

musique en ete parc des bastions

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The Reformers' Wall, a monumental tribute

4 men, 1 wall, 1 story.

They await you in the heart of Bastions Park for an experience full of history.

A little history

Bastions Park is the largest historic park in the city center.

Its story began following the plague epidemic which struck the South of France in 1720. The Geneva government decided to create a garden-promenade at the bottom of the Treille to allow residents to go out while remaining confined to the city inside the fortifications.

The place was then named “Belle promenade”. Since 1917, it has been home to one of Geneva's top tourist sites: the International Monument to the Reformation.

promenade des bastions geneve


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