Nighttime maintenance work on tramway rails

Dernière modification le 06.11.2020

Maintenance work on the rails will be carried out on the entire rail network over the next 2-3 months to ensure the comfort of passengers and residents on the tramway lines. This work, which will need to be done at night outside of tramway traffic hours, will start the night of November 8 to 9.

Why rail grinding and why at night? 

Over time, tramway tracks wear out: as the vehicles pass overhead, ripples are created that can later be seen on the rails. This wear and tear can cause noise and even vibrations. In order to correct these ripples, while also maintaining railway quality and prolonging its lifespan, the rails must be grinded every year.

This operation is carried out with an large machine and can obviously only be done outside of tramway traffic hours. That is why the maintenance work that will be done during the next few weeks will be done at night, between 12:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., from Sunday to Thursday.

This work will start the night of November 8 to 9 at the Palettes loop and will continue over the following nights along line 12, up to Moillesulaz. Once the historic line is completed, the grinding work will continue on the rails of all the other tramway lines until the entire network is completed.